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Reincarnation And Science

The secret of the Universe lies in observation; it is for man to
develop his senses and patiently to search into the hidden things of

All science proceeds thus, and the reason that savants have not
unearthed the precious object for which they seek with such wonderful
perseverance is that the physical senses, even when aided by the most
delicate instruments, are able to cognise only a portion of the
physical Universe--the denser portion. This is proved by the fact that
when man has succeeded in directing into a channel some subtle force,
he remains as ignorant of its essence as he was before chaining it
down, so to speak; he has not the slightest knowledge of it. He can
utilise but he cannot dominate it, for he has not discovered its
source. This source is not in the physical world, but on the finer
planes of being, which will remain unknown to us, so long as our
senses are incapable of responding to their vibrations.

Because physical observation reveals only the bark, the outer crust of
the Cosmos, man sees nothing but the surface of the world, and remains
in ignorance of the heart and vital plexus that give it life;
consequently, he calls the disintegration following upon
disincarnation by the senseless name of "death."

He who has lifted the veil of Isis sees divine Life everywhere, the
Life that animates forms, builds them up, uses them, and finally
breaks them to pieces when they have ceased to be of use; and this
Life--God--thus spread about in numberless forms, by means of its many
rays, develops in itself centres--souls--which gradually grow and
awaken their infinite potentialities[41] in the course of these
successive incarnations.

Still, though the eye of the god-man alone can penetrate this
wonderful mechanism and study it in all its astonishing details, the
savant whose mind is unprejudiced can judge of the concealed mechanism
by examining its outer manifestations, and it is on this ground we now
place ourselves with the object of setting forth another series of
proofs of reincarnation.

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