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Reincarnation And The Religious And Philosophic Consensus Of The Ages

In the rapid review we are now about to make of the religion and
philosophy of the past, we shall find that, under many and divers
names and veils, the doctrine of Rebirths has been taught from the
farthest antiquity right up to the present time. There is not a nation
that has not preserved clear traces of this doctrine; not a religion
that has not taught it, either openly or in secret, or, at all events,
retained the germ of the teaching; and if we count only those peoples
of whose national religion it forms part, i.e., Hindus and
Buddhists, the number of believers in Reincarnation may be summed up
in round figures at 540 millions of the present population of 1400
millions throughout the world. The greatest of philosophers, both
ancient and modern, have regarded palingenesis as the basis of life,
but whereas in the past the pledge of initiation prevented its
details from being promulgated, in our days, along with the flood of
light which this cycle has brought us, the veil of secrecy has been
partially lifted, and theosophy has been privileged to set forth this
glorious teaching in its main outlines and its most important details.

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