Manifestation Of The Higher Consciousness In Various Cases Of Mental Faculties Lost To Normal Consciousness

A rather large number of people born blind have images in dreams, and

can see with the higher consciousness, when placed in a state of

somnambulism. This proves that the higher consciousness possesses the

power of vision on its own plane, and can impress images thereof on

the brain.

That this impression may be translated into the language of the

physical plane,[8] it must evidently take place in one of the physical

centres of vision which make possible three-dimensional sight; these

centres may be intact even when the external visual apparatus does not

exist or is incapable of functioning.

A deaf and dumb idiot became intelligent and spoke during spontaneous

somnambulism (Steinbach's Der Dichter ein Seher). This is a case

which appears to us difficult to explain fully; indeed, if the

impression of the higher vibration on that portion of the brain which

presides over intelligence and thought can be understood, it is not

easy to see how tongue and lips could suddenly utter precise sounds

which they had never produced before. Another factor must have

intervened here, as was the case with the child prophets of the

Camisards. (V. Figuier's Hist. du merveilleux, etc.)

Young Hebert, who had gone mad as the result of a wound, regained full

consciousness, the higher consciousness, during somnambulism.

(Puysegur's Journal du traitement du jeune Hebert.)

Dr. Teste (Manuel pratiq. du magnet. anim.) came across madmen who

became sane just before death, i.e., when consciousness was passing

into the astral body. He also mentions a servant girl, quite

uneducated and of ordinary intelligence, who nevertheless became a

veritable philosopher during mesmeric somnambulism and delivered

learned discourses on lofty problems dealing with cosmogony.

This proves that the vibratory scale of the finer vehicle extends far

beyond that of the physical, and that the soul cannot impress on this

latter vehicle all that it knows when functioning in the former. By

this we do not mean that it is omniscient as soon as it has left the

visible body; this opinion, a current one, is contrary to the law of

evolution, and will not bear examination.

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